Kitty Rescue & Adoption


KRA could not exist without the tireless efforts of our volunteers‹the shelter literally would not function without them since there are no paid personnel. With over 100 cats in residence at any one time, there is always work to be done and the need for reliable staff is a never-ending one. New volunteers are always welcome. If you would like to become actively involved in our efforts, consider helping in one or more of the following areas:

  • Cleaning and feeding; flexible hours from as little as one hour/week to as many hours as you can spare.

  • Socialization: Human interaction is critical for well-socialized cats, especially our feral and semi-feral residents.

  • Providing foster care for pregnant moms and their kittens.

  • Helping to computerize records.

  • Transporting cats for medical/surgical appointments.

  • Helping with maintenance issues at our current location.

  • Donating various necessities (see our donations section).

  • Become involved with fund raising activities.

Kitty Rescue
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"Hello, my name is Janet. I have been selected to plead our case to all of those kind-hearted, animal-lovers out there. The shelter volunteers do a wonderful job and wečre not complaining but the problemis that there are just somany of us and just so few of them. So we were wondering if you have some free time and really love cats, maybe youčd like to help out? Your reward would be unlimited kitty kisses. Who could ask formore?