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Daisy came to Kitty Rescue from a family that needed to give her up after having her 13 years. She had a tough time adjusting to life at the shelter...until she met her new pet parent and was adopted.

"Daisy will be with me one month on November 5th. She has come a long way and it is exciting to watch the progress and know that it will only get better. She has begun purring more frequently. The most wonderful thing occurred last night when she came into my bedroom as I was laying in bed reading before going to sleep. She had not done this before. I got up and brought her in bed with me and she just purred and purred. She LOVES having her tummy rubbed. After I turned out the lights she stayed awhile and then left - BUT she came back all on her own and curled up next to my shoulder. This was awesome. She goes up to little Daisy and touches noses. Their relationship is growing and becoming more relaxed. She still seems older than her years, is not very agile on her feet and only attempts getting up on lower surfaces - I was very surprised she made it onto my bed on her own! Her fur is shiny and almost silky now, and the flakiness is almost gone. She does not really answer to "Daisy" so I think a new name for her new life will be fine but she has not told me what name she wants yet. She is a wonderful kitty."


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"Hi, my name is Whiskers. The gang from my old neighborhood wouldnıt recognize the new me. Back then, I had a different name, a different look, and a reputation as a very tough cat. But today, not only is my fur clean, shiny and mat-free but gone are the bad boy attitude and the need to prove myself. KRA gave me a chance to turn my life around and I snatched it up with all four paws. Iım not quite where I want to be just yet, Iım still a little shy, but Iım getting there. But, my new name? Can you maybe keep it a secret from my old gang?²